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What is Salt Nicotine?

What is Salt Nicotine?

Nicotine salts are an innovation from freebase nicotine that you find in other e-cigarettes; why?


Speed, they’re absorbed into the bloodstream faster than freebased nicotine. It takes approximately 6-7 seconds for the nicotine to be absorbed. For those who previously smoked cigarettes, this factor makes it easier to quit smoking as the absorption speed is very similar.

They last longer

Salt nicotine doesn’t go off as quick as freebase. This means that you can buy a TOOT bar and save it before the e-liquid oxidises. The quality of the nicotine will also never fade. 

The Hit 

TOOT bars will hit smoother than e-cigarettes; they don’t have a harsh throat feeling when you inhale one of our products. This is due to nicotine salts due to their lower PH level.

Is Salt Nicotine Riskier than Freebase? 

No, Nicotine Salts are not any riskier for your health than Freebase nicotine. It’s just an innovated version for you to enjoy! The only difference between the two nicotine’s is the use of benzoic acid, which has been proven to be no riskier than freebase nicotine.

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